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published: Saturday | August 23, 2008

Lead Stories

Bruce blasts critics
WESTERN BUREAU: "IS PURE red eye and 'grudgefulness'. They just can't come to terms with the fact that not only has this little boy won the double sprint, but he did it in world record time," said Prime Minister Bruce Golding as he blasted critics of Usain Bolt yesterday.

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Scotiabank shares fever
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Hundreds turn out at slain cop's funeral
Former Chinese leader Hua Guofeng dies


Getting in Jamaican gear
WHETHER IT is a flag, shirt, blouse or dress, Jamaicans have been proudly donning the national colours to work, parties and just about anywhere they go.Euphoria swept the commercial district of downtown Kingston, especially King Street, as flags were...

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Simpson still Devon's hero
Church on the Rock Ochi turns 6
Across the nation
Neighbourhood shocked by Miss B's death
Famous Brazilian singer, songwriter dies


US$36m ethanol plant for Barbados
Brazil is partnering with a Barbados businessman in a proposal to build a US$36 million ethanol plant near the capital of Bridgetown.Etanol de Costa Rica SA said the plant would produce about 132 million gallons (500 million litres) of dry ethanol a...

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US firms bid millions to drill Western Gulf


BITTERSWEET Botched baton passing costs Jamaica's women 4x100m gold
BEIJING, China: It was joy for Jamaica's men inside the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing last night. However, it was a huge disappointment for the women.

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4x4 relays increase hopes for more medals
Accompong for Nunes Memorial
I'll not change, that's my personality - Bolt
Surprise gold puts Russia ahead
Simoes names Georges' Holmes in training squad
Marshall annhilates Canada
Gleaner, Cement final
A green & GOLD week
PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: Bolt sprints into history


Triumph, disappointment and lessons
By the clock, from the nadir of (on paper) the fastest women's 4x100m team ever assembled failing to finish the race, to the zenith of the men's team destroying the world record at the Beijing Olympics, it...

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It can be a lonely life
Issue: Rogge has gone too far


LETTER OF THE DAY - Respect the example of Olympians
The Editor, Sir: It has always been my mantra that leadership can be defined in one word and that word is 'example'.Therefore, if we compare the example of hard work, persis-tence, commitment and integrity...

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Losing moral high ground
Quality vs substandard schools
Rogge or rogue?
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Janet bares underwear
Janet Jackson is releasing her own range of underwear. Designed by the singer in collaboration with Australian designer, Bruno Schiavi, the line is named after Janet's 1987 hit, Pleasure Principle. Janet said: "People have come to me with other ideas but...

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Bolt also 'gi dem a run'

Let's Talk Life

... Relationship - In knee-d of help
Dear Counsellor: My mother has been diagnosed with arthritis of the knee. She has been given analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents with minimal effect. I am thinking of getting a wheelchair for her to use.

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Doctor's advice: Ouch! Post-sex pain worries 20-y-o

Saturday Features

Virgin men almost extinct?
Rohan Brown*, 23, a member of non-denominational church Overcomers Christian International, is one of a rapidly dying breed in a world of postmodernism, materialism and sex.

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