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published: Thursday | August 21, 2008

Lead Stories

Sherwood continues to rejoice
WESTERN BUREAU: From the hills of Sherwood Content along the winding patches of the Retrieve, Bellevue and Martha Brae main roads leading into Water Square, Falmouth, Trelawny, jubilation reached its height yesterday as many residents celebrated victory...

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Respect, Melaine!
We need to work together now
Golden bashment to welcome athletes - Public holiday still a possibility
Mizicann - Bolt's heartbeat
From the 'Fanstand'
New Kingston comes alive in celebration
Jamaicans jammed in Half-Way Tree


Sherwood 'Content' with Bolt
You can hardly get a good piece of yam in Sherwood Content, Trelawny, these days, what with the unprecedented increase in demand and all. Yam farmers are scrambling to keep up with all the requests, from both inside the community and out. The hometown of the world's fastest man...

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Best wishes Usain
Stephen Francis - controversial coach
'Milling' superb track talent
Governor General's Achievement Award
Cultivate attitude of gratitude
Clarendon gets behind Olympians
Portlanders call for public holiday
Olympic Games spark partnership pledge


Regulators weighing forced sale of three UK airports
Britain's competition watchdog said Wednesday it may force airports operator BAA to sell three of its seven airports around the country - including two in London - following fierce criticism of the company for poor customer service, overcrowding and long delays...

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Ready to cash in
Record sales for Jamaican products
Jamaica's viability in the global software industry


9.69 + 19.30 = HISTORY
BEIJING: BEFORE YESTERDAY, Jamaica had never won more than two gold medals at any one Olympic Games. In Beijing last night there were two in just 15 minutes. Usain Bolt, on the eve of his 22nd birthday, produced another electrifying performance with another world record...

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Jamaican team feeding off Bolt's energy
Reggae Boyz off to good semi-final start
Usain is just winning in style
US advance to men's basketball semis
India fight back against Lankans
ICC urges England not to boycott Champions Trophy
Women cricketers a win away from title


EDITORIAL - Jamaica's coming of age in sports
THE CHINESE provided the venue, the environment and many glowing performances, but it is the Jamaicans who have really made the Beijing Olympics come alive. For, no matter whatever else happens at these games, no one will leave as indelible an imprint on the games as Usain Bolt...

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Pakistan changes its gov't
Expect developments in language debate
Jamaica, Usain Bolt and Christ


LETTER OF THE DAY - Helping our boys to succeed
The Editor, Sir: I would like to join in the conversation raised by The Gleaner's August 9 editorial 'Good boys need support too'.The boy who misbehaves in class, the troublemaker, the low achiever and who is more likely to be noticed than the boy who works hard...

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'Lightning Bolt' struck twice
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Melaine's Magic - Hurdlist's win brings hope of peace to Maxfield Avenue
Melaine Walker's victory in the women's 400-metre hurdles in Beijing yesterday has brought hopes of peace to her community. A resident of Maxfield Avenue in the Whitfield Town community, Walker won gold in an Olympic record of 52.64 seconds ...

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We Knew it!

What's Cooking

Let's grow them now!
Can you imagine my utter disbelief when I went to this year's Denbigh Show and saw Macadamia nuts among fruits I previously thought were only grown in the far corners of the world, on display here, and grown by the folks at the Rural Agricultural Development Agency?...

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