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published: Saturday | August 30, 2008

Lead Stories

BATTERED! Gustav claims lives, leaves millions of dollars in damage
Jamaica has started what is expected to be a slow and costly recovery after Tropical Storm Gustav's destructive swathe across the island Thursday evening into last night.

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St Thomas woman grieves for her missing partner
Despite havoc most schools should reopen
Gustav splits Harbour View bridge in two
Ports islandwide reopen today
Residents of McGregor, Burgher gullies hard hit
St Catherine residents plead for help


Some houses flooded out in St Ann
In St Ann, several power lines were down and there were reports of some houses being flooded. According to Alvin Clarke, disaster coordinator for St Ann, "Up to this point, there is only one report of a section of a roof being damaged."

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No problems in Montego Bay
No signs of flooding in St Bess
Man breaks neck in fall from breadfruit tree


Big blow to banana plantations
With a week to go before banana export begins in Jamaica, farmers in St Mary are facing almost complete devastation after the passing of Tropical Storm Gustav.

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No dislocation of cruise-ship arrivals
Airlines resume flights at airports
Playing catch up to inflation - Interest rate crests 15%


Oh, so easy! Bolt wins Weltklasse 100m in 9.83
Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt brought his mercurial talent to the Weltklasse Golden League meeting on Friday, sprinting to an easy victory in the 100 metres.

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PERFORMERS OF THE WEEK - Women's 4x400m relay team capped a great Games
Hanover youngsters benefit from summer camp
Zenit beat United in Super Cup showdown
China gymnast not upset by age dispute
Windies, NZ Tests for December
IOC files lawsuit against Greek coach
Usain was on course for 9.52 in Olympic final
Wilson turns pro
Harbour View lose home advantage
Simoes' goals remain the same (Part one of two)
Nelson off target but Joe Public still upset Revs
Garvey, JC launch defence on September 13
Final word - Serena, Nadal should take titles


EDITORIAL - It pays to be prepared
On first assessment, it appears that the effects of Gustav, the tropical storm that sideswiped Jamaica between Thursday and Friday, was not as bad as it might have been. Bridges were damaged or destroyed by swollen rivers, which, in several areas, particularly in eastern Jamaica, flooded large swathes of land to the detriment of crops and people's homes.

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The early sports
Make most of youth talent
Issue: JPS's billing confusion


LETTER OF THE DAY - A cold, callous act
The Editor, Sir: I could not believe my eyes when I saw the houses in shambles with furniture and personal belongings dashed all about as reported on the television news last week. The report was about the demolition of houses in Whitehall, Westmoreland, by the state agency - the National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC).

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MPs and social housing
Patois has its place
Language hindrance
Protect local inventions
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Noteworthy - Colonial attitude in banking


Reader's write - 'Pupalick' sell off!
Fantastic. Brilliant opening energy through to the next three sequences was what I saw as I watched Aston Cooke's newest musical satirical revue Pupalick.

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Let's Talk Life

Doctor's advice - Scared to lose her virginity
I am a 17-year-old virgin. I am thinking of letting my loving boyfriend have sex with me. But my best friend has told me that the first occasion is terribly painful. This has really frightened me. She says that girls scream and shout when they are being penetrated for the first time. Is this true?

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Let's talk relationship


Girls without game - Passive lovers frustrate males
Initiating sex is a no-no for some women who still believe it's the man's responsibility to make the first move and take them to dreamland. But according to sex therapist, Dr Sidney McGill, this approach could be dangerous. McGill tells Saturday Life that if the man always makes the first move, the relationship will become monotonous and boring.

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