Tuesday talk - Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Published: Tuesday | March 31, 2009

On edge at the eatery

1. The mood in the usually pleasant uptown eatery quickly turned sombre recently when the police were summoned. Patrons watched in puzzlement as the lawmen frisked a worker before escorting him away, presumably to the police station. Those workers left behind were on edge for the rest of the day.

Cleaning the slate

2.Yes, convictions can be expunged from a person's record. And depending on your connections, infractions like drug possession can be forgotten and forgiven. This means, among other things, the 'freed' can travel overseas. The activist is hoping this can be the reality for a family member who has been stuck in Jamdown for many years since being released from prison. There are high hopes that family reunions will be different from now on.

Wily robbers on the prowl

3.This one would be laughable if there were not so many who believed it. We are referring to the story going the rounds in that upscale Kingston 6 community which has been hit by a rash of robberies recently. The sleuths in town believe that homeowners are being drugged while they sleep and this explains why the thieves can enter and remove all attractive and saleable items without being detected. They have pointed to four recent cases as proof.

Image-builders or muck-rakers?

4.Who says the press is not into image-building? That is exactly what some sections of the media have been doing by advancing the cause of some dubious characters. Many people are now pointing fingers at those who played a part in shining the spotlight on operators of Ponzi schemes. Inexplicably, there are persons who believe that anyone who is able to attract such attention must be a good person. Think again.

Hard times bite all

5.People in the know say Kingston city's greatest chef is feeling the pinch and looking for a buyer. Trouble is the meals are so delectable for those with deep pockets, the in-crowd fears the new owner will be unable to match such excellence. Just goes to show how the hard times are biting everyone.