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published: Sunday | August 31, 2008

Lead Stories

Painful recovery - Gustav victims struggle to put lives back together
It has been a slow and painful recovery from the effects of Tropical Storm Gustav for persons in the parish of Portland, which first felt the brunt of the weather system which hit the island on Thursday.

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He is a happy person, says Usain's mother
Gustav hammers Industry Village
Spanish Town bus park run by thugs - Gangsters use subtle means to ensure compliance to extortion
New Haven, old problems
Gustav unleashes wrath on St Mary
It's a waste of time! Environmentalists knock Government's waste-to-energy project
Police step up probe to find two cop killers


JPS, NWC report progress in restoration
Utility companies - the National Water Commission (NWC) and the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) - have reported progress in the restoration of services to customers in the wake of Tropical Storm Gustav.

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Schools to officially reopen September 3
Homeless during Gustav - Street people in capital city brave winds, rain
Stranded by 'Sir' Gustav
Nightingale Grove residents frustrated
Port Maria cleans up after mudflows


Jamaica on a cranberry fix
Jamaica continues to dominate the cranberry juice market. Distributor of Ocean Spray's brands, Wisynco Group Limited, said it has brought in one million cases of the beverage to make Jamaica the largest consumption market per capita, giving Wisynco 80 per cent of the cranberry juice market.

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New man in charge at FirstCaribbean
NHT returns half a billion to contributors
Tempers flare as eBay changes rules ... again and again
In the music business, image the best sales pitch
Grain exports snagged by infrastructure delays


Athletics shutout - Trelawny stadium cannot accommodate running track
USAIN BOLT may never compete on the best sporting field in the parish of his birth. If he does, he would be running on grass, as the Trelawny multi-purpose complex, which some Jamaicans would like to see renamed in his honour, cannot accommodate a mundo track.

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Jamaica through and through
Fired-up Gunners blank Newcastle 3-0
Funeral for Blair today
Sports versus academics
Amid dispute, Stanford superstars sign contracts
SportsMax to offer new sports package
Symonds sent home after fishing trip
Bangladesh crushed by Aussies
Mission: Win or go home (Part two)


EDITORIAL - Partial healing of America's soul
For all the country's greatness and that oversized sense of certitude Americans tend to have about their own place in the world, there has remained a yawning gap in the evolution of the United States that has caused a sense of unease with itself.

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Peter's challenge: one of many firsts
The gods and the Games
CARICOM's Gustav
The usefulness of steroids


Our Father
WE ARE a very religious people. Sometimes I believe we are over-religious. We boast that we have more churches per square mile than any other country. At the slightest hint of trouble, we shout to Our Father and beg him for mercy ...

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Police Citizens' Charter


Tenor Saw still on dancehall's roll call
RING THE alarm, Tenor Saw is coming. Although this month marks 20 years since his death, the legacy of Clive Bright, one of dancehall's most influential and unique singers, lives on.

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Review - Great music in substandard package
Garnett Silk honours 'Christ in His Kingly Character'
The Voice - Divorce dunks Jordan for £80m

Arts &Leisure

Roberta Stoddart is 'The Storyteller'
'THE STORYTELLER' offers an illuminating look at the work of a gifted and courageous painter. Roberta Stoddart possesses the uncommon ability to observe and analyse herself and others in a way that unearths elemental truths about the human condition.

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Literary arts - The pot
Literary arts - Whatever happened to Bagga?
The Wordsmith - The Olympic accents
Book Review - A family fairy tale


JOY CLARK - Groomed for success
Mom, Dorreth Morris, basic school teacher in St. James, raised five girls to believe that it was quite within their powers to become the best in whatever area they had potential. Today, daughter Joy Clark, marketing powerhouse who was recently promoted to head of sales, west and central Jamaica for Digicel, has proved the teacher right.

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André Hylton - Unreserved love for people
Single in the city - How to lose a girl
Doctor's advice - He can't make her respond
Dear Jamaica - Paying attention
Outlook Youth - Get organised for the new school term

In Focus

'Hurricane Barack' slams into GOP
On Thursday night, before an estimated 85,000 screaming fans, United States senator, Barack Obama, delivered his lethal acceptance speech before the Democratic National Convention, in what could be described as a Category Five hurricane which ripped into the GOP. (Boyne)

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Trading human beings for cows
In the Caucasus, a fake cold war
Paternity and maternity: A sacred duality
Beijing Games: treasure of character-building


André takes his leave
Montego Bay businessman Brian Jardim remains shocked that six years have passed since André 'Top Dollar' Dixon joined his Island Entertainment brand. And his partner, Ian Dear, has not stopped lauding the outgoing Margaritaville Caribbean chief operations officer for engraving the brand in the minds of people visiting the region.

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Jonkanoo Lounge is back!


Caribbean Circuit Racing Championship - Jamaican racers seek glory
After Friday evening's mishap at the Bushy Park race track in Barbados, Jamaica's David Summerbell Jr is hoping to correct his mechanical problems in time for today's clash between Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados, in the second leg of the Caribbean Circuit Racing Championship.

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Automakers report rise in July production
Auto Blotters - New 2.7L four-cylinder Highlander
Ford retools plant for small cars

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