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Jamaica Gleaner Letters
published: Monday | August 25, 2008

LETTER OF THE DAY - Counterproductive competitiveness
The Editor, Sir: Peter Espeut, in his article on August 22, writes: "Our talent is home-grown and home-trained, and hearty congratulations to our Jamaican coaches. Things foreign are not necessarily better." Our athletes and their coaches deserve...

How should Jamaica honour its Beijing Olympic heroes?

THE EDITOR, Sir: My suggestion is that the Government and private sector establish, with the input of the the athletes, scholarships, assistance programmes and school-upgrade projects...

Rogge was right

The Editor, Sir: You too, have, by your editorial of Sunday, August 24, fallen into the same mould that what comes out of Jamaica must be good for the world. Let us not taint the victories of our athletes by behaving as if rules and conduct are made to be relaxed...

... Invite him to Jamaica

The Editor, Sir: As far as I am aware, Mr Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has never visited Jamaica and, if he has, then I apologise. However, I would suggest that he visits our island, because I think if he had, his remarks...

Why clamour for financial rewards?

The Editor, Sir: While I am overjoyed at the performance of our athletes at the Beijing Games, I am a bit perturbed by the requests which are coming from our people. For years, our athletes have been doing well at these games. It is just now ...

Air Jamaica 'flightmare'

The Editor, Sir: While this is the first time I'm writing about your national airline, it is by no means the first time I'm experiencing its colossal inefficiency. Not that I haven't worked around it. I have learnt to give myself a three-day ...

Follow suit: Clean up your act

The Editor, Sir: It was with utter glee and relief that I saw an exuberant Asafa Powell celebrate the results of his record-breaking run of the 4x100-metre relay final. I feel that possibly more than any other Jamaican athlete, Asafa is the one who most...

A PM should not 'trace'

The Editor, Sir: Prime Minister Bruce Golding has ways of expressing himself that could be called 'tracing' in the Jamaican context. He may find that if he wants to work closely with people, then a label today might become an obstacle to progress tomorrow...

Many causes of road skids

The Editor, Sir: The article titled 'Skid alert - Road Safety Unit' by Paul Messam, in the August 3, 2008 publication of your online Jamaica Gleaner has provoked further thoughts and concerns related to the issues raised. One would have expected a more in-depth...

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