Sun | Apr 18, 2021

Find your identity in Christ

Published:Wednesday | March 31, 2021 | 12:09 AM


Identity, it’s who we are at core and perceive ourselves to be. What we show to the world around, presenting and broadcasting the essence of who we were created to be. Jesus Christ, probably the most famous man in the world. History knew, and he himself was aware of who he was. Some called him master (rabbi, teacher), some referred to Him as the Messiah (as revelation permitted them), while others just referred Him as one of Joseph’s (boy pickney).

Jesus himself was not confused, however, because he knew the specific mission his Father had sent him on while on earth. He was not confused or intimidated by people who questioned his character, integrity because perhaps He was confident enough to endure their ignorance, yet compassionate enough to heal the frailties of humanity.

This person knew that he had all power to do anything, as he himself was one with the Father. The question of the trinity has been up for debate for centuries, and each person is entitled to their own personal opinions and assumptions.

However, that does not take away from the fact that Jesus Christ himself knew of his identity, thus knew of his purpose; reconciling humanity back to God. This was his cause for enduring earthly life; enduring the shame of the cross. It takes guts to endure gossip and slander, let alone persecution for a crime one certainly did not commit; yeah, a very tough cookie. One can get caught up in dates and times as to when He actually died, but for me personally I could care less. The only thing that matters is the new identity he has given to me.

This is by no means my claim to perfection as I struggle, fail and fall every day; however, that does not change the reality of Christ’s finished work. Isn’t this the beauty; created in his image, irrespective of disability or ability? This man knew his identity, thus it was easy for him to accomplish his mission; seated at his father’s right hand. I’m good with knowing that his spirit lives within me, and his righteousness is my identity.

One love family, one love Jamaica.